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Build a dinosaur ecosystem on a procedurally generated island. Each dinosaur species has it's own role to play, which needs to be balanced with other species in an environment with limited food sources.

Current in very early development with a small prototype to demonstrate a basic AI for compsognathus(tiny theropod) that can wander, find food, find water, sleep, and reproduce. More complex behaviors like herding and hunting are not yet implemented. The test environment is not procedurally generated and contains temporary helper objects used to demonstrate the AI.

The idea is that this will have a continuous update cycle between one and two weeks. These early test builds will be freely available for anyone to try and provide feedback. Saving and mod support will only exist in the full version.

The dinosaur models will come from Muelsa. No this artist is not affiliated with this game, but does produce decent models at very low cost. Seriously check out his site and click on a dinosaur play around with it; there are 22 species of dinosaurs and 3 species of pterosaurs.

Pterosaurs will be considered once all of the dinosaurs are done, but may not be included in the final game if they do not work well in the ecosystem.

Version Notes

10/31/16: v0.0.1 Initial release with compsognathus and test island

11/2/16: v0.0.2 Added Dilophosaurus


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